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Tax Preparation

1. Gather Your Receipts

There are various tax receipts you'll need to gather together for us to prepare your tax return. Consult this list of income, deductions and credits.

2. Prepare your Tax Return

When we know all of your income, expenses, deductions and tax credits we can finalize your tax return. When completed, we can electronically file (e-file) the following tax returns.

T1 - Personal

Individuals must file a T1 return by April 30 (June 15th see below) each year (whether taxes are due or not) that lists their income from all sources as well as tax credits and deductions they are entitled to.

T2 - Corporate

All corporations must file a T2 return every year, even if tax is not payable or the corporation is inactive. The form has to be filed within 6 months of the end of the corporation's fiscal year. All taxes are payable either 60 or 90 days after the year end.

Unincorporated businesses (proprietorships) have until June 15 to file their return; however, all taxes must be paid by April 30.

T3 - Estate

A legal representative of an estate of a deceased person may have to file a T3 return for the estate. It could be more cost effective to file a T3 for the CPP death benefit.

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