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Bookkeeping is the "enjoyable" science of organizing and making sense of your self-employed or company's revenue and expenses paperwork. Once we have your paperwork in order we can prepare your returns to determine how much is due to the various agencies for PST, GST, payroll deductions or for WCB.

Several of our clients require our bookkeeping services to clean up their records prior to sending their year-end files to their accountants. The accountants therefore have minimal work to do to complete the files for tax preparation purposes, resulting in a win-win for everyone!

1. Complete Your Bookkeeping

If you own a corporation, or are a self-employed individual, bring in your paperwork and we will be happy to complete your bookkeeping. 

Some of our clients prepare Excel spreadsheets of their expenses/revenue.  This is not always the best method to track your information. We see many instances of where ITC's are not calculated or taken correctly or the GST/PST columns have incorrect formulas. CRA can charge interest and penalties on errors even if they were unintentional.

If ever audited CRA will want a clear, detailed record ie. date and description of the expense. Just amounts in a spreadsheet are usually not sufficient.

"Just do it right the first time" as the saying goes.

Our Bookkeeping Services

  • Monthly, quarterly write ups
  • GST returns
  • PST returns

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